Terms And Conditions

Welcome to Hollywood Hobbit’s terms and conditions, which are designed in such a way to provide a proper guideline on
how the services of the website are accessed and how the viewers can interact and take advantage of our services. 

The conditions will be applied fully and will also affect your use of this website. Using this website means you automatically
accept all the terms and conditions listed below. Please make sure that you use our website in such a way that it does not
amper our standard terms and conditions. 

Intellectual Property Rights

hollywoodhobbit.com owns all the intellectual property rights contained on this website. You have only a limited license to view
the material of the website.


You are strictly prohibited from sharing the information or making exact copies of our content. Below are some rules and restrictions:

  • You have no permission to any website material in any other media.
  • You are prohibited from selling, sublicensing, and commercializing any material of the website.
  • Your use on the website should not hamper the website.
  • You should not bring adverse effects to any individual or organization.
  • You are not allowed for data harvesting, data mining, and data extracting.
  • You should not engage yourself in this website for marketing and advertising.

The precise area of hollywoodhobbit.com is restricted from being accessed. If found so, Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd can take
absolute action if found so.

No Warranties

The website is provided “as is” with all faults, and hollywoodhobbit.com/ Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd represents no warranties
of any type related to the site. The content written on the website does not suggest you or encourage you to do anything.

Your Content:

In the standard terms and conditions of the website, Your Content refers to audio, video text, images, or any other material which you
hoose to display on this website.

By displaying your content, you grant hollywoodhobbit.com a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, sub-licensable license to use
reproduce, translate, adapt, publish, and distribute it to any platform. 

Your Content must be 100% plagiarism-free, say unique. Your Content should not invade any third party’s rights.hollywoodhobbit.com
has the full right to remove any of Your Content from this website at any time without any notice.


If any provision of listed terms is found invalid under any applicable law; then, such provisions will be deleted so that won’t affect the
remaining provisions herein.


You compensate to the fullest extent Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd from and against any or/and all liabilities, costs, demands
expenses, and causes of action arising in any way related to your breach of the provisions of these terms.

Limitation of liability

In no event, hollywoodhobbts.com registered under Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd shall be held liable for anything arising out.
It shall also be held liable with the way on how you use this website, whether such liability is under contract.

Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd shall not be held any liability for any direct, special liability or consequential arising out of or in
any way related to the way, you use this website.

Variation of Terms

Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd has full permission to change, suspend/ discontinue, or remove any aspect of the services/ terms
any time needed. So, changes can be made at any time, so you are expected to review the terms on a regular basis.

We try out best to make our content available to all users of our website. However, some content might be not available or supported
by or to users from all countries. Moreover, make sure that you don’t share your user ID and password to make it confidential.


Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd has full rights to transfer, assign, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these terms
without any notification. Regarding the users, the viewers can’t transfer, assign, and subcontract any of your rights and/or
obligations under these terms.

Entire Agreement

The Terms and Condition constitute the entire agreement between Top Nepal International Pvt. Ltd and you. The whole agreement
concerns the use of this website and supplants prior agreements and understandings. 

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and regulations will be governed by and interpreted under the law of the State of Kathmandu/ Nepal, and you submit
to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Kathmandu for the resolution of any disputes.